IPA Installer – Install IPA files directly on iPhone / iPad

IPA Installer is compatible with any iOS 5 – 8 jailbreakable iOS device. This Cydia App permits to install IPA packages directly from any iDevice.The good new is that you don’t need any PC to install these packages anymore. And the second good new is that you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in order to install IPA Installer.

IPA Installer logo

An .ipa file is a compressed archive that contains an iOS app. It is compressed in a binary for ARM architecture, what means that it only can be installed in an iOS system. You can learn more about: ipa files.

All known methods without jailbreak are not simple and they require a lot of tools to do a simple task like installing an application from an installation file. So we are covering a method that requires Jailbreak / Cydia.

To install IPA Installer, follow the next steps:

  1. Open Cydia from your Home Screen
  2. Make sure you have BigBoss repository in your sources list
  3. Go to “Search” tab
  4. Search for “IPA Installer
  5. Tap Install and follow the installation process

Once you have IPA Installer installed, go to your home screen and search for IPA Installer icon. Then launch the app. IPA installer will allow you to navigate in your filesystem.

IPA Installer

One you tap on a .ipa file you will see “Log. Please wait…” message. In the end of installation you’ll see the next message: “Successfully Installed IPA! The IPA has been successfully installed on your device’s homescreen”. That’s right, after installation you’ll be ready to launch the application that was archived on the .ipa file directly from your Home Scree. Awesome right ?

Processing IPA

When you access to “/var/mobile/Applications“, you’ll be also able to take some “App actions”: View Contents, Open in iFile, Un-Install App.

IPA Installer - Uninstall App

When you tao “Settings” > “IPA Installer Settings” you’ll be able to check / uncheck the following options: “Remove iTunes Meta-Data”, “Remove IPA after install” and “Force Installation”. The “Remove IPA after install” option is disabled by default. We recommend you enable it since after installation you don’t need the .ipa archive anymore and it is only consuming your device internal space.

IPA Installer Settings

Conclusion: IPA Installer is a great cydia tweak for those who need to install .ipa files on their devices.


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