Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

In an effort to ease the suffering of iPhone 5 owners that may be experiencing a shorter phone battery life than expected Apple has started a new program, a battery replacement program, that many iPhone 5 owners can benefit from.

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

What is the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program?

Apple has recently released a page on their website stating that they have discovered a small number of iPhone 5 owners that could be experiencing shorter battery life than originally thought and have to be charged more frequently than other phones of the same generation. If you qualify for a free battery replacement program and choose to receive your free battery Apple will guarantee your new battery for two years after the initial sale of the device or until March 1, 2015 whichever is longer but it will not extend for longer than your iPhone 5’s warranty.

Who Can Benefit From the Battery Replacement Program?

If your Apple iPhone 5 falls within the range of serial numbers they have and was sold between September 2012 and January 2013. You can easily check and see if you qualify by checking your battery’s serial number on Apple’s website.

How Do I Have My Battery Replaced?

Beginning August 22 for those living in the United States and China and August 29 for those who live in any other region you will be able to find information on how to have your battery replaced free of charge by Apple. If your device is one of the ones needing replacement you can visit an Apple store, authorized Apple service provider or have it mailed to you by Apple technical support.

What the Battery Replacement Program Won’t Do

Apple’s battery replacement program won’t replace any broken parts on your phone or any other physical damage. If you have any damage to your phone like cracked screens or case Apple will not replace the battery for free until the damage has been fixed.

It’s not very often that electronic companies like Apple offer programs like the battery replacement program so if you qualify for this free battery replacement you should get out and take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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