iPhone 7 Powered By Intel and Samsung

It has been confirmed recently that Intel will be giving Apple the new LTE modem chip. Some of the benefits of this include more LTE bands on the iPhone as well as higher upload/download speed.

Currently they are at 300 for uploading and downloading, but with this modem chip that number will skyrocket to 450 download 100 upload. There will also be more association between Apple and Samsung in future iPhones. This is no shock, especially considering that Apple signed a contract with Samsung to produce 100 million units of their OLED panels for the iPhone.

iPhone 7 Intel and Samsung

Apple and Samsung used to have a partnership with older iPhones but was dissolved because Samsung couldn’t meet the requirements for electromagnetic interference shielding on the iPhones. It has been reported that they will eliminate all of that interference by using new coding technologies. A new report stated that Apple has started work on developing a new 16GB base storage option chip.

It is also very possible that Apple will include a Smart Connect feature on the back of the new iPhone 7 Pro. This new smart connector could very well make way for a new smart keyboard, though there are lots of different applications it could be use for. This report also stated that the new iPhone 7 will have to new sensors on the top.

There has also been a lot of talk about the iPhone 8, which Apple will be releasing in 2018. It’s been said that this device will be more of a “replacement cycle iPhone”, which basically suggests that Apple will drop the S-cycle name scheme and start naming them in numbers. The traditional iPhone audio jack is disappearing with the upcoming iPhone 7, so their new series of phones will ship without a headphone jack.

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