iPhone 7 Pro – First Photo and Schematics

iPhone 7 Pro – First Photo and Schematics: Apple’s significantly larger Apple 7 Pro will be coming out later this year and there is already quite a bit of information about it circulating about it.

The schematics for the new iPhone have been published, detailing the design of this very highly anticipated Apple device. One of the things that is known about the new iPhone 7 is that it will have a dual lens camera and the 7 Pro will likely be replacing the 7 Plus model.

While the schematics that were released are pretty blurry, it does offer quite a bit of information regarding the design of this new phone.

iPhone 7 Pro - First Photo and Schematics 2

There is also a smart connector that will be on the new iPhone 7. There have been rumors about a smart connector on this new phone, but the schematic that was leaked confirms that. The placement of all the features on the leaked picture of the iPhone 7 seems to line up perfectly with the leaked schematic.

There are a number of benefits associated with a dual lens camera, including multiple video streams at one time as well as optical zoom.

There are actual dimensions for the new iPhone 7 included in the leaked schematic as well.

It looks like the dimensions like all of the dimensions for this upcoming phone are the exact same as the iPhone 6S Plus, including the thickness. Apparently the iPhone will not be receiving dual stereo speakers, and the schematic has basically confirmed this.

iPhone 7 Pro - First Photo and Schematics 1

iPhone 7 Pro - First Photo and Schematics 3

Sales of iPhones have been steadily declining in recent years, and Manufactures are starting to lose interest in it in favor of phones from Samsung and other companies that are focusing more on innovation. It looks as though there is not a lot new offered by the iPhone 7, which will undoubtedly disappoint many Apple users.

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