iPhone 7 ‘s’ – OLED Display (Rumor)

iPhone 7S may be assembled with OLED display: Apple has supposedly signed a contract with their rival, Samsung, in order to ship 100 units of OLED panels for future use.

These panels are a very good thing for a number of reasons. While Apple working together with Samsung isn’t anything new, these panels are a huge leap forward in terms of hardware innovation. For a while now Apple has used numerous Samsung components in its phones.

The OLED panel could be exactly what Apple needs to reinvigorate iPhone sales because of how superior it would be to the displays they are currently using in their devices.

OLED demonstration

The rumors are that the new OLED panel that Apple will start using with their iPhones will start shipping in 2017. This means that the iPhone 7S will be the most likely device to receive this upgrade.

This will be a 3-year contract with Samsung for their new OLED panels. These displays have been frequently rated as being the very best on the market because of their vibrant resolution. There are a number of benefits of moving towards OLED displays, including superior viewing angles as well as brightness. The fact is that OLED panels have surpassed LED in a number of ways.

Image source: wikipedia

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