iPhone 8 design – gloss panels, sweeping curve, wireless / inductive charging ?

iPhone 8 design: there are two different designs for the iPhone 8, and both are pretty close to what it is actually going to look like. Both of these designs have gloss panels on the front and back sandwiched by a stainless steel bordering.

The other design has the sweeping curve design that Apple has been using, and it is in ceramic white. The actual corners of the LCD are going to be curved for a very elegant overall look. It most likely will not have a full-faced display, simply because the technology is too young. They might adopt the full glass design for the front, but for now it is going to be mostly glass with some bordering.


Wireless charging / pad charging / inductive charging

There have been a lot of rumors about the design of the iPhone 8 and what it is going to look like. The iPhone 8 will have the fully front glass casing. It will also have wireless charging because of the glass casing. There is the organic LED display, which is a new technology that allows for a brighter, more efficient display. There are lots of benefits associated with this technology. A rumor has surfaced that has pointed out that Apple will not use true wireless charging with the iPhone 8.

Instead of a true wireless charging, there will most likely be “pad charging” or inductive charging, which is when you place the phone on a pad and it begins charging. Apple has filed numerous patents that have revealed this particular details and many others. True wireless charging is just too inefficient right now, so most of the energy would essentially be wasted. So do not expect true wireless charging.

Fingerprint sensor

The iPhone 8 might have a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display itself. While this may not happen with the iPhone 8, it is definitely going to happen eventually with one of the iPhones that Apple puts out. It’s also been rumored that the iPhone 8 has a full display green, though it is not quite certain just yet. All of the different sensors could be underneath the display and work as if there was nothing covering them.

New 3D touch technology

Apple is also developing a new 3D touch technology for the iPhone 8. They would have to add some sort of covering on the display because of the fact that OLED displays are much more fragile. This phone will be forged from stainless steel, making it incredibly tough and durable. The change from machining to forging will improve the structural rigidly of the chassis.

Water resistance

The water resistance of the iPhone 8 is expected to be improved to the point where it is on the same level as the Galaxy S7. A more recent rumor has pointed to that Apple is trying to improve Siri for the iPhone 8. Apple definitely wants to fix Siri because of how far behind it is when compared to Google Voice and other voice recognition software on other devices.

There are a lot of different rumors when it comes to the iPhone 8, but some of them are not set in stone.


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