Jailbreak After iOS 8.3? iOS 9 “Rootless” explained

Rumors that the new iOS 9 will be “rootless” have been circulating around the Internet, calling into question the future of jailbreaking for these iOS devices. The big question that everyone is asking is whether or not jailbreaking will be a possibility with the coming of iOS 9, and it’s something that has a lot of people very concerned.

Jailbreak After iOS 8.3 - iOS 9 Rootless explained

Those who are worried about iOS 9 being completely anti-jailbreaking will be able to take comfort in the knowledge that every piece of software can be exploited, and the more Apple makes changes to it, the more of a possibility jailbreaking will be in the earlier stages.

While it is still uncertain as to what exactly “rootless” means with regards to iOS 9, many software crackers are confident that it will not be the end of jailbreaking.

There is at least one jailbreak utility that does not actually require root privileges in order to crack the iOS software; instead the tool is able to exploit a part of the OS that is already owned by the root user, so the root partition is never touched.

TaiG’s Jailbreak without Root tool is a truly innovative development in jailbreaking tools and is just one reason why the coming of iOS 9 will very likely not mean the end of jailbreaking as well.

The iOS 9 Rootless Feature

The new security initiative called “rootless” that iOS 9 is said to implement has definitely generated a lot of controversy and concern among jailbreakers and Apple device users, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. This isn’t the first that the public has heard about security initiatives with the new iOS, but more information has come to light.

To simplify it, iOS software consists of three different portions:

  • NOR
  • disk01s1
  • disk0s1s2

The latter of these portions contain the actual files of the operating system itself, where as disk01s1 just consists of media.

Jailbreaking usually requires a person to gain root access to the actual files of the operating system, or in this case the portion called disk0s1s2.

With the development of jailbreaking tools and utilities, however, software crackers are now able to get around the need for root access, essentially providing them with a different, easier way to jailbreak an iOS device.

Anyone who is afraid that iOS 9 will be the end of jailbreaking will be relieved to hear that this most likely will not be the case, but nothing is for certain at this point.

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