Why Jailbreak? Top Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone / iPad / iPod

Why Jailbreak? Top Reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 /  iOS 9 / iOS 8 / iOS 7 / iOS 6: If you haven’t already jailbroken your phone, you will definitely want to take the time to consider some of the best reasons to do it. Lots of people have been jailbreaking their phones for a long time, and you will want to find out what some of them are.

Change the fonts on iOS

The ability to change the fonts on your phone is yet another reason to consider jailbreaking it. If you are tired of your phone’s stock fonts, you will be able to chain it after jailbreaking the device. Even the font on your keyboard will be changed.

Set custom boot logos

Being able to set custom boot logos is another reason why you might want to consider doing a jailbreak on your phone. Those who are bored with the stock Apple logo will find that jailbreaking their phone can solve this problem. You can change the logo that appears when your phone starts up, which makes things a little bit more fun and interesting.

Clean up you iDevice

One of the very best reasons to consider jailbreaking your phone is that you will be able to get iCleaner, which is one of the best apps ever when it comes to cleaning up all of the unnecessary stuff on your phone that may be slowing it down. If you want to keep your phone functioning as quickly and responsively as possible for a long time to come, it is definitely important that you take the time to consider this.

Make iOS more interesting with new themes

When you jailbreak your device you will also have lots of different themes to choose from, which can really make the overall look of your phone a lot more interesting. If you find that you use your phone a lot, this is definitely something to consider. The number of themes you will be able to choose from is virtually endless, so you will most likely be able to find lots of themes that appeal to you.

Extra Camera Settings

A more advanced camera is yet another reason that you should really consider jailbreaking your phone. You will have all of the settings you need when you open up the camera on your phone so it’s all nice and convenient. Without a jailbreak this isn’t possible.

Lots of hacks for social networks

There is a hack for all of the social media applications, and a jailbreak will help you to protect yourself against some of the malicious people out there. People’s social media accounts are hacked every day all over the world, and there is no reason for you to become a victim when you don’t absolutely need to.

Extra features

With a jailbreak you can add a lot of new features to your phone. Considering the sheer number of features you can add to your phone, you will definitely want to think about jailbreaking your device.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the best things about a jailbreak, and it’s definitely worth checking out (Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak for iOS 10). Another reason to think about doing a jailbreak is that you can make your device even more useful than it already is. You will be able to do things like adding more icons to your main Home screen, and there are a lot of other things you can do.

Get additional toggles

One more thing that you can do when your phone is jailbroken is to get additional toggles for rebooting and respringing your device, instead of just the one toggle to power it off.

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