Mac OS X 10.12: Siri and Touch ID for Mac Rumours

Mac OS X 10.12: There are a number of rumors that have been going around about the latest installment of the Mac operating system Mac OS X 10.12. This OS will be revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

OS X 10.12

Every since Siri, the virtual assistant that was first introduced with the iPhone 4S, there have been rumors floating around about it making a transition to Apple’s desktop OS. Every year it seems like Apple has disappointed those who were expecting this development, but it looks like with this installment things will be different.

Rumors suggest that Mac OS X 10.12 will be the first to feature the virtual assistant, and it will have at least two different activation methods. The first activation methods will be the dock, and the second one will be like the Siri Waveform UI that comes with iOS 9, which was inspired by the Apple Watch version of Siri.

The second activation method for Siri will most likely be located in the top menu bar. One of the things that will be different about the desktop version of Siri will be that it will not take up the whole screen like it does on the iPhone. Instead it will be off to the side, making it far less intrusive and streamlined.

Another rumor about Mac OS X 10.12 is that it will use touch ID, similar to Apple’s newer iPhones. You will be able to unlock your computer through your iPhone with Touch ID, provided your phone is in close proximity. There are a number of other third-party solutions for Mac, though it is still very exciting news for those who are looking forward to this new installment of Mac OS X.

All of these rumors come from a fairly reliable source, making it likely that we will see these features with the new OS X version.

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