MultiActions Cydia Tweak – Brings Bulk Editing to the Home Screen

MultiActions Cydia Tweak brings bulk editing control to the Edit Mode of your Home screen. Make new folders with multiple apps, move folder apps back to the Home screen, delete apps in bulk and more.

Normally when you go to edit the icons on your Home screen, it can be quite the laborious task with tons of icons that you have to move one by one.

MultiActions: Some features

First hold down on your icon and tap on the icons. This tweak will add a number to each icon. You can either move the tweaks you have selected or just throw it in the trash.

If you want to go into the folder while in Edit Mode, just double tap. Once you are in the folder, just tap in the apps inside and there is a new icon that will allow you to move three apps at once.

You will also be able to delete applications, though you cannot delete Cydia apps.

A tweak like this makes a lot of sense for those who work on their phone a lot.

MultiActions Settings

In the Settings you will have many different options, including enabling/disabling it, Folder Opening, Ask for Folder Name, Confirm Application Uninstall, and Confirm Moving from Folder.

Take the time to play around with these settings so you can find out what all of them do.

Download and install MultiActions Cydia Tweak

  • MultiActions Cydia Tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo (installed by default) in Cydia and costs 1,49$.

As always cydia tweaks add features to iOS what were not implemented by Apple and these features can be useful for some of us depending on the way we use our phones. Note that you need a jailbroken iDevice to install this tweak. Read all about jailbreak and learn how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPad with us.

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