New iPhone 7 concept shows Home Button in the Display

The new iPhone 7 concept shows the Home Button in the Display and Apple’s logo illuminated in the back side.

Big screens like iPhone 6 Plus screen have the hand covering area problem. If you are iPhone 6 Plus owner touched this device before you can confirm that for major part of users, covering all the display area using only one hand is not possible (a couple of Cydia tweaks were so developed for users that want a smaller screen).

The surrounding screen bezel dimensions in Apple devices are bigger than other brands. So, to get lower dimensions of the bezels, the concept of the home button on the display makes sense.

This modification is one of the most relevant in the last iPhone concepts (my favorite iPhone model was the 4/4S and I have to say that, until now the new iPhone models only brought more technology and no big deal regarding to the concept).

The concept you see in the images, was developed by Martin H. for Computer Bild.

Home Button in the display

iPhone 7 Concept - Home Button

iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 7 Concept overviewiPhone 7 concept – back side with illuminated Apple logo

iphone 7 back light

Actually, may be only the screen will be designed differently because once all the screen is touchable, they can put the button on any place they want trough Software. It this an brilliant idea? Regarding to the illumination in the back we don’t know what is the propose of that. Some owners are saying it is not good idea because it will cause a faster battery drain. Let’s see, we continue waiting for real images ..

Second concept of iPhone without Physical Home Button




  • iPhone without physical home button date: some credible sources are reporting that iPhone without a physical home button will not be available on the market before 2017 – 15.06.22
  • 2nd iPhone without home button concept: we’ve added a new image with this concept – 15.06.22

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