Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak for iOS 10 (Jailbreak)

Noctis is a new tweak for iOS 10 developed by “LaughingQuoll” that brings dark mode to the iPhone in just the way that dark mode should be. Check here how to download and install.

A lot of people have had issues with the standard dark mode on their iPhones, so this tweak is definitely something that you might appreciate if you own one of these devices.

This jailbreak tweak is available in the Cydia store, though you can also get it directly through the developer. The dark mode goes throughout the phone seamlessly.

Noctis Tweak for iOS 10

The tweak will change: Spotlight, Folders, Widgets + Notifications, 3D Touch menus and Control center. A new button in Control Center will also be activated.

There are a number of different settings that you are going to have with this tweak, including an Enabled button, a Respring button, and you can change the intensity of the darkness.

You can choose to remove the dock as well. You will also want to play around with the different colors and backgrounds there are so you can get the look of your phone just right. This tweak makes the Control Center really nice as well.

With this tweak you will no longer have to worry about the big button in the center, which is something that annoys a lot of people.

Download and Install Noctis Cydia Tweak

  • Noctis Cydia Tweak price: 2$

To download + install Noctis Cydia Tweak hit this URL: ““. Then insert your Cydia ID + Email. Be sure you “Return To Merchant” on paypal and a custom repository will be generated so you can add it to your Cydia sources and install the tweak.

If you are interested in a new wallpaper you can also download it (it is not necessary to install the tweak, just save it on your camera roll and define it as your wallpaper).

Overall, this a great tweak that will appeal to a lot of people.

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