How to Prevent Frayed Lightning Cables (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

Once the Lightning cable debuted Apple promised its customers better-quality resilience as well as the hope that the cable won’t get damaged as effortlessly as its predecessor (also regarding with quality, Apple started the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program for iPhone users that may be were experiencing shorter battery life than expected – check in the linked post if you are eligible for that program).

Unfortunately the Lightning cable just wasn’t able to deliver and many Apple owners have been left to deal with the dreaded frayed Lightning cable. The ends of the Lightning cables attached to the connector still became frayed over time.

Prevent Frayed Lightning Cables iPhone

If you are trying to avoid damage to your Lightning cables here are some tips on how you can prevent destruction and what you can do if your cable already has damage:

Prevent Damage by Adding Springs at the Ends

The majority of the damage that occurs to the cable occurs because it is being twisted the wrong way, too much pressure is being used, or by pulling it from the wall by the cable instead of the base. A great solution to these issues is to put a spring at both ends of the cable which will keep the cable from being in a bended or twisted state for a long time. You can easily find a spring by visiting your nearest office supply store or by looking in any ball point pen.

Watch the next DIY video with all the instructions needed.

What To Do When Your Cable is Already Frayed?

Most of the time the first response many people have when cable is damaged is to put tape around the damaged area. A better solution is by taking your frayed cable along with an iPhone or an iPad to the nearest Apple Store or authorized Apple center and they will give you a replacement cable. Many Apple customers have had great success getting their cable replaced without needing a warranty and with few to no questions being asked.

Some people go to crazy lengths to keep their cable in tip top shape and avoid having a frayed Lightning cable when it could be as simple as properly handling the cable when you plug it in and unplug it. If you suffer from a frayed Lightning cable take advantage of the rare opportunity to have your cable replaced by Apple free of charge but remember when one person abuses the system, everyone suffers.

Please also note that, sometimes the correct cable removal from your device can prevent the fraying. Check in the image below what was designed in you cable to be gripped and pulled for removal.


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