Add a second screen to your iPhone with Popslate 2

Popslate 2 is a iPhone case that brings a second screen to the back of your iPhone and also charges it.

Using the back screed provided by Popslate 2 iPhone case you’ll not only be able to charge your phone battery but also save battery.

Using the power saving back screen you’ll keep your iPhone screen switched off.

popslate 2 original

 Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 6, 6d, 6 Plus and 6s Plus. It is available in 2 different models.

Main features

  • customized dashborads
  • News feeds
  • Wallet
  • Lists
  • Clocks
  • Display images
  • Book reader
  • Battery pack


  • 4.7 e-inc at 200 dpi display
  • battery for up to 9 hours extra talk time
  • adds 0.16 ” to your iPhone thickness

popslate tech specsImage sources:

popslate 2 book reader


Popslate 2 is a premium cover that can be useful for those that need extra battery and add exclusive features for their devices.

The case is available in 3 different colors: white, dark blue and black and can be ordered online at

the price is 129 $

popSLATE iphone 6 and 6 plus case

The best spec of this cover is in our verdict the design. The price is a quite expensive if you need it only as a battery charging case but considering you have an extra low consumption back screen the price is acceptable.

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