Anti Revoke VPN – Stop apps being revoked No Jailbreak – iOS 11/10/9

Anti Revoke VPN is the new way to solve revoked apps problem on iOS devices. If you install third party applications or “++” applications (modified applications) you may know that sometimes these apps start crashing or get revoked.

Finally there is a method with no computer or jailbreak need that is solution for that. No more revoked / crashing apps (downloaded from other sources different from App Store).

This method was developed by @JosephShenton so here are the credits to the developer. Hope he continues supporting this app.

Anti Revoke VPN will automatically add a VPN to you iPhone / iPad / iPod preventing your apps from getting revoked.

You won’t need any Jailbreak to use Anti Revoke.

Installing Anti Revoke VPN

#1 – Open Safari and hit this:

#2 – Hit install and enter your pass code

#4 – You’ll see this message “Simple Anti Revoke VPN (…)” Tap “Next“.

#5 – Tap “Next”; “Install” and “Install” and finally “Done”.

#6 – If you get back to you may see “Anti Revoke” as enabled. If you get the same result you can see in the image the VPN was installed nad everything may be working ok.

Go to “Settings” > “VPN” and confirm if a new VPN ins installed. You may see “Anti Revoke Official“.

From now all your Apps will stop from being revoked.

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