5 Tricks and Glitches iPhone / iPad – iOS 10.2 No Jailbreak

There are a lot of amazing tricks and glitches for iPhone for iOS 10.2: remove labels from icons, fast photo shooting, night shift + invert colors, zoom further in and remove status bar from home screen.

1 – Remove the labels from the icons on the dock

One of the first ones is when you bring up the control center and you single tap on the Home button; it will remove the labels from the icons on the dock. Sometimes it is a single press of the Home button, and sometimes it is a double press that makes this happen. You can simply tap and hold the icons, bringing the ones with labels up so you can make all of your icons on iOS 10.2 have labels.

2 -Fast photo shooting

There is a lock screen glitch where if you select the Photos tab while clicking on the shutter and then click on the finder at the same time, the camera will start taking pictures very rapidly. That bug is still there, so it has yet to be changed.

3 – Night Shift + Invert colors

Another interesting glitch is that Apple doesn’t allow you to activate night shift and inverted colors at the same time. If you turn on night shift and invert color at the same time, night shift will instantly turn off. A good workaround is asking Siri to activate both of these as opposed to going into the actual Settings app on your device.

4 – Zoom further in

There is a glitch regarding the photos as well. If you want to zoom in further on a picture on your phone, all you need to do is rotate it once. While this may not be very practical because the photo does get quite pixilated, it is a good way to zoom further in.

5 – Remove status bar form Home Screen

If you hold the power button on your device and hold the power slider halfway through, send a text message to yourself and read it, it will remove the status bar from your Home screen.

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