Why to use a VPN to watch Netflix (US Netflix edition)

Use a VPN to watch Netflix: A lot of people is installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in their Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs) to watch Netflix.

The reason is because Netflix identifies your location (trough your IP address) and provides different services according to the detected location.

use a VPN to watch Netflix (US Netflix edition)

Netflix established different deals with local TV companies depending on their locations. And guess what: the US Netflix edition has a better range of movies and TV shows.

This is important if: you are US based and you traveled for another country and want to keep your US Netflix edition or you are non-US based and want to watch US Netflix edition.

Using a VPN you can access to Netflix using a different IP address, namely use a US IP address to access to your Netflix account. Check how it works:

using vpn to access netflix

When Netflix detects you have an US IP address you’ll notice new content available on Netflix.

If you know more methods to access to US Netflix edition please let us know. Soon we will post more about VPNs for Apple devices.

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