How to Use New iOS 11 Emojis (Pre-Approved) Now in iOS 10, 9 iPhone, iPad

New iOS 11 Emojis (Pre-Approved): there are a series of really cool looking pre-approved emojis for iOS 11 you can use now if you own iOS 10 / 9 without Jailbreak or PC need.

That’s amazing right? Let’s see how you can do it on your iPhone / iPad.

If you want to start using these new Emojis right now, first you will want to go to ““.

After you go to that link, you will see all of the different emojis there are.

Select and hold the “Show” button on this page, and scroll all the way down until you select all of the emojis. Once you have done this, go ahead and click copy.

Exit out and click Notes and paste the emojis in a new note. Go all the way to the top, tap once on the first emoji, then tap and hold. Once you make the emojis smaller, click on the one you want to send and select copy.

When you are ready to send the emoji in the message, just tap and hold and click paste. You will be able to repeat this process with any of the emojis you want.

There are many of these emojis, but they are a little bigger than the normal ones you may be used to. When you take the time to look through these, you will probably find quite a few nice ones that you can send to others.

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