vShare alternatives for iOS – iPhone and iPad

vShare alternatives for iOS: There are numerous vShare alternatives for iOS that you will want to be aware of, and many of them work just as well if not better.

While it is true that vShare is a very useful app for downloading all kinds of free content from Cydia, such as games and apps, these alternatives are definitely worth checking out.

vShare Alternatives for iOS 10, iOS 9 and iOS 8

Tutuapp (English)

TuTuApp can be installed both on iOS devices or Android devices. It became very popular in mid 2016 and is now the #1 alternative to vShare.

Download Tutuapp: Install Tutu App on iOS.


Hipstore is an app very similar to vShare. The UI interface is not as well developed as vShare but Hipstore has very interesting apps you can explore. Hipstore is compatible both with Android and iOS.

When Hipstore is installed by the first time the interface is presented in a non-english version  but in settings, the Hipstore English Version can be selected.

 Download Hipstore: Install Hipstore Without Jailbreak


This app is definitely an essential for jailbreakers and also one of the best alternatives to vShare that you will ever find.

AppCake is an extremely popular free app installer and it also allows you to gain access to a wide variety of apps and games.

One of the best things about this jailbreak app is that it offers a working download link for nearly all applications and games, which is not something you can say about vShare.


Zeusmos is yet another great alternative to vShare, and while it is similar to it in a number of ways, it does offer a huge amount of free apps and games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

You will be able to install this app on any version of iOS, making it incredibly versatile. You can get this app by simply opening the Cydia app and searching for Zeusmos if you need help real the tutorial.

Download Zeusmos: If you have an jailbroken device, you can Download and Install Zeusmos with Cydia


AppChina is a new vShare alternative. All the app is not in English but it is very easy to understand the navigation and the search is all in English. Very easy to install this app and the evry easy to install any app/game.

You can install AppChina in any iPhone iPad or iPod touch device without PC or Jailbreak need.

Download and Install AppChina.


While iFunBox may not be one of the very best alternatives to vShare, it is still worth looking into because of everything it has to offer.

This app is a great choice for those who were not satisfied with the two previously mentioned apps, and it differs from them in a few small ways.

You will find that iFunBox has a software utility that offers an alternative to iTunes, which not everyone loves.

You can download and install iFunBox from Cydia with its official repository, and it works with iOS 8 but the last iOS versions crashed iFunBox. Check this: iFunBox for iOS 8.3 – you will not be able to use it.


PandaApp offers an excellent alternative to vShare and its official website is one of the best ipa download sites you will find on the internet.

Downloading and installing free apps on your iOS device from PandaApp is very easy and quick, so you won’t have to worry about any complications or frustration when you try to do this.

While you may not find all of these alternative apps to be to your liking, you are bound to enjoy using at least one of them. These apps have a lot to offer for those who don’t care for or cannot get vShare for whatever reason.

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