WatchOS 2.2: What’s New (Maps Application)

The new WatchOS 2.2 has a number of features, including the fact that you will be able to pair multiple watches to a single phone.

While a lot of people probably won’t get a ton of use out of this feature, it can be very useful for developers as well as those who have two different watches that they want to link to their phone.

WatchOS 2.2

The big thing in WatchOS 2.2 is the Maps application. The Maps application has received a few additions, including the fact that it is much easier to work with overall.

Instead of having to open the Maps application, wait for the map and force press the controls, everything will already be right there when you open it up. Also, you will have “search”, “my location”, and “nearby” features.

The “My Location’ feature simply allows you to find your specific location on the map at any time.

The “Nearby” feature allows you to find things like retail stores, restaurants, bars, and other things that are in your area.

WatchOS 2.2 Maps Application

You can get directions to any of the businesses that come up via walking, driving, or transit. These features are extremely useful and a major improvement on the previous version in a number of ways.

WatchOS 2.2 Maps

Apple and competition need to improve smart watches features (mainly software / OS features) so people can feel that these devices are useful. Otherwise this market may breakdown. The true is that we see that a lot of people bought smartwatches but now they consider these devices “limited”.

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