Wolfram Tweak – Fast Battery Charge Tweak for iPhone / iPad

Wolfram – Fast Battery Charge Tweak: one of the primary complaints that a lot of iDevice users have is that their batteries die too quickly, but Wolfram is a tweak that can charge your device’s battery faster than ever.

Power consumption can be a huge problem for these devices, but this tweak has proven itself to be quite effective when it comes to charging iPhones fast.

The Wolfram tweak is available on Cydia for free and is definitely worth looking into if you want a faster method of charging your phone when it is low on battery power.

Wolfram is compatible with iOS 9 and later. It was not tested in iOS 8 but the author says it may work correctly with iOS 8.

Wolfram cydia tweak ios 9

How Wolfram tweak works

The lower power mode uses less battery, which assists in charging the device faster. We noticed that here: Enable Low Power Mode on iOS 9 to save battery.

This tweak automatically disables low power mode the moment you stop your iPhone from charging.

While you won’t find any other fancy features with this tweak, it works great and has a preference section that can be found under the Settings app.

When you go into the Settings app you will be able to activate or deactivate the tweak by toggling the on/off switch. You will also be able to activate disabling the lower power mode automatically when the charge has reached 100%, even if you have not taken the charger out.

Wolfram tweak

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