Word Flow for iOS Review – the one-handed keyboard for iPhone

Word Flow is a special keyboard that allows you to swipe through letters, similar to Swipe or Swift Key.This keyboard allows you to work much easier one-handedly in Arc mode, which works well for those who are right and left-handed. You will also find that this keyboard works well on both big and small phones.

Work Flow third-party keyboard for iOS was developed by Microsoft is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 9 or later and no jailbreak is need to install it. Here are some iPhone screenshots:

Word Flow for iOS 9

Just like with any keyboard, you will need to install the companion app on your phone. This means that you will have a standalone app as well as the keyboard itself. Unfortunately, there is no real way to get rid of the app other than deleting the keyboard altogether.

There are a number of benefits to this, and there is a detailed tutorial that will walk you through how to install and use the keyboard. You will be able to customize a number of things about this keyboard, including the theme. There are a number of themes that you will have to choose from, so you are encouraged to look through some of them.

How to install a keyboard on iOS

If you have never installed a keyboard on iOS before, simply go to the “Settings” app, “General“, and “Keyboard“.

If you tap “Keyboards,” it will show you all of the keyboards you currently have installed on your phone.

When you tap “Add a keyboard,” you will see the keyboards that you have not added yet.

How to Add a Keyboard on iOS 9

Once you have installed the app, it will show up on that list. Make sure to “Allow full access,” so that the keyboard can do more things with your phone.

One of the cool things that the keyboard can do when you allow all access is predict your contact’s names when you are typing. You can adjust the order in which the keyboards appear on the list.

When you open the Word Flow app for the first time you will get a notification that says it cannot predict your speed because you haven’t used it yet. On top it will show your words per minute. There are a number of Microsoft themes that you can choose from, and it’s highly recommended that you check some of them out.

Word Flow also allows you to create your own themes by using a picture you have already taken or create a new one. There is also a gear icon with a number of in-app settings.

Word Flow Download

You can download this app on the App Store for free but it is only available for U.S.

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