Install TutuApp iOS 10 English – Without Jailbreak or PC

Download and Install TutuApp for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 (English version) without Jailbreak or PC need on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Updated method 2017.TutuApp is now a big vShare alternative. This app was not available in English until now.

There are 2 versions of Tutuapp for iOS. The VIP and the Regular versions. Check here how to download and install both.

Tutuapp compability: Tutuapp can be installed in any iDevice (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) running iOS 10 / iOS 9 / iOS 8 or iOS 7.

Update [ 2017 / 2018 ]: Install TutuApp on iOS 11 with Nestool anti-revoke protection.

1- Install Tutuapp / Tutu Helper iOS – Regular (English Version)

1 – Open Safari and go here:

Note: It is very important you use specifically Safari browser. Some times the website loads slow. If that is the case take some time because during the peak there al millions of installs.

2 – Select “Regular” version. This is very important because VIP is paid version. Then tap the Download Now with apple icon button. Just check the next image to see the steps.

Also note that bunny icon text will chnage from “vip” to “free”. Check the next image. As the icon in you device will also be the same.

Important: if you get “Unbale to Download App – Tutu Helper Regular Version(Free) – could no be downloaded at this time: wait a couple of hours because probably the tutu server is overload and try again.

3 – When would like to install “Tutu Helper Regular Version” message pops up. Tap Install.

Make sure you selected the Regular version. Otherwise you’ll need to pay to install the App and get the Tutu Vip version.

4 – Once the application is installed on your Spring board open Settings. Open the “Settings” tab and then “Profiles and Device Management“. Find the Profile associated to Tutuapp application. You may see the TuTuHelper icon. Tap trust twice.

5 – Done. Go back to your Home Screen and launch TuTuapp.

2 – Install Tutuapp VIP version (Tutu Helper VIP)

The regular version as we said can broken some times due to the server and other times it may be cracked because of the certificate revocation. The VIP version may fix that issues.

If you don’t mind to pay 9.99$ per year per device (they inform that changing device the app may be paid again).

2.1 – Select VIP option and English language. Then tap “Download Now” blue button.

2.2 – Install the profile for Tutu Helper installation tool. You’ll be automatically redirected. Tap “Install” and enter you passcode.

2.3 – Proceed with payment and your VIP installation may be complete.


Tutuapp for iOS main features

#1 – Tutuapp is now available in English which turns it in one of the most promising apps installer for iOS.

#2 – Tutuapp has a simply and responsive UI and can be installed in any Apple device. Everyone loves the app UI.

#3 – Tutuapp as an cleaner to clean up / delete junk and temp files from your device. Similar to utilities like xCleaner for iOS.

#4 – Pratically all apps available on App Store are available on Tutuapp (make sure you have the originals before you install it).

Fix crashing apps from TutuApp

If you are facing some issues with apps downloaded from TutuApp (mainly from the Regular version) check:  What To Do When Apps From TutuApp Crash.

Tutuapp Similar apps

There are some apps that are similar to Tutuapp. The most known is vShare. vShare became popular because it allowed to install apps on iDevices withour jailbreak need. Tutuapp lalso bring this ability.

After Tutuapp launched an English version (the main difficulty of using the app was that only language was avaiable) this app gained notoriety.

In the other hand, vShare launched the vShare for PC avoiding the possibility to install vShare directly on iPhone / iPad. They started losing audience.

In our opinion Tutuapp is right now the most promising alternative to vShare (also check here for vShare alternatives for iOS).

Download Tutuapp APK (Mac)

If you are using an Android Emulator on or Mac like Nox App Player. You can download last Tutuapp .apk and install / run it form there. For this case you only can install apps for Android and run it from your Mac using an Apk Emulator.

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