iOS 10 Redesigned Lock Screen, Notification and Control Center

At first glance the stock iOS 10 lock screen may seem like it is the same as before, but it has actually changed a lot. With this lock screen you have to swipe your finger from right to left to get into the Camera app, which is a lot easier.

iOS 10 Notification Center

This particular change could help a lot of people avoid missing notifications and photo opportunities.

This lock screen organizes your widgets, which is a great change because you don’t have to swipe down and all the way back up to the screen.

iOS 10 Notification Center - messages

Although the user interface does leave something to be desired, it is only in the Beta stage right now (check here how to Install iOS 10 Beta).

There will definitely be a lot of tweaks and changes to the lock screen by the final version.

When you take a look at the Control Center, you will notice a huge change.

The blue toggles look kind of strange, and night shift lost the third toggle at the bottom.

There is a new Media Control page if you swipe from right to left. Overall, Control Center might disappoint quite a few people if it is not tweaked before the final release comes out.

iOS 10 control center

The Notification Center probably changed the least out of all three of these things. You will still see your missed notifications and can swipe from right to left to delete them; you can even 3D Touch on the X and use the “Clear all Notifications” button.

When you swipe to the second page, you will see all of the widgets you are used to seeing; you can swipe up and down to see them. These are the all of the major changes that were made with iOS 10, though a lot of tweaks will undoubtedly be made.

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